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AIMS Download/Demo

We organize AIMS into different modules. Each module has different features. You may download a brochure or demo to learn more. The demos listed below include movie clips and same have voice explanations

To download: Right click an item, then click save-target-as. 

To play the demo (if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x or higher): Click an item below. Remember to turn on the sound.

1. AIMS Brochure (PDF file, 2.9 MB)
2. AIMS Main Module (wmv file, 1.7 MB)
3. Collision Diagram Module (wmv file, 1.7 MB)
4. Collision Diagram Module (adding labels) (wmv file, 0.4 MB)
5. Accident Rate Module (wmv file, 2.7 MB)
6. Data Entry Module (wmv file, 2.1 MB)
7. Collision Diagrams On GIS Map Module (wmv file, 2.1 MB)
8. Collision Diagram Record Display Module (wmv file, 0.8 MB)

9. Code-To-English Conversion Module (wmv file, 1.3 MB)
10. Google Earth Interface Module (display accidents in 3D)  (wmv file, 4.8 MB) 
11. Google Earth Interface Module (display accident types in 3D)  (wmv file, 4.7 MB)
12. Google Earth Interface Module (display collision diagrams)  (wmv file, 5.9 MB)

How to run the demo:
1. Double click the downloaded ".wmv" file, it will be automatically run under Windows Media Player or your designated media player. It will run in Windows 2000 and XP. Since some have voice explanations, remember to turn on the sound.  
2. If you do not have Windows Media Player, download one from Microsoft's website.


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