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JMW Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1993. Our mission is to provide reliable software products at an affordable price as well as dependable consulting services. We cater to the information and traffic management needs of city, county, state, and federal government agencies.

Employee Qualifications:
  ♦  Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering, Masters Degrees in Civil Engineering and Transportation Engineering.
  ♦  Inventor and holder of US Patent related to computer software and Geographic Information System (GIS).
  ♦  Registered Professional Engineer.
  ♦  Member of Information Systems and Technology Committee, Transportation Research Board, National Research Council, The National Academies.
  ♦  Member of Traffic Simulation Committee, Institute of Transportation Engineers.
  ♦  Member of Institute of Transportation Engineers.
  ♦  Published technical papers in national and international journals, including a paper which was selected as one of the best during the Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board, National Research Council.
  ♦  Presented papers in national and international technical conferences.

Clients / Customers (partial listing):
  ♦  City of Bellingham, Washington
  ♦  City of Columbus, Ohio
  ♦  City of Corpus Christi, Texas
  ♦  City of El Paso, Texas
  ♦  City of Evanston, Illinois
  ♦  City of Houston, Texas
  ♦  City of Fairfield, Ohio
  ♦  City of Greensboro, North Carolina
  ♦  City of Lenexa, Kansas
  ♦  City of Lynnwood, Washington
  ♦  City of Middletown, Ohio
  ♦  City of New York, New York
  ♦  City of Norman, Oklahoma
  ♦  City of Ocala, Florida
  ♦  City of Orlando, Florida
  ♦  City of Raleigh, North Carolina
  ♦  City of Shanghai, China
  ♦  City of St. John's, Canada
  ♦  City of Tallahassee, Florida
  ♦  City of Tulsa, Oklahoma
  ♦  City of Topeka, Kansas
  ♦  City of Tucson, Arizona
  ♦  City of Virginia Beach, Virginia
  ♦  City of Washington, D.C.
  ♦  Control Technology, Inc., Maryland
  ♦  County of Arlington, Virginia
  ♦  County of Augusta, Georgia
  ♦  County of Bay, Florida
  ♦  County of Franklin, Ohio
  ♦  County of Fulton, Georgia
  ♦  County of Howard, Maryland
  ♦  County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  ♦  County of Manatee, Florida
  ♦  County of Montgomery, Maryland
  ♦  County of Prince Georges, Maryland
  ♦  County of Paulding, Georgia
  ♦  County of Rockland, New York
  ♦  County of Santa Barbara, California
  ♦  County of Sarasota, Florida
  ♦  Federal Highway Administration, Virginia
  ♦  Hardesty and Hanover, LLP, New York
  ♦  INCOG, Oklahoma
  ♦  ITT Industries, Systems Division, Colorado
  ♦  Kittelson and Associates, Inc., Oregon
  ♦  Missouri State Department of Transportation
  ♦  New Jersey Institute of Technology (for New Jersey Department of Transportation)
  ♦  Moody/Nolan Ltd., Inc., Ohio
  ♦  Northwestern University, Illinois
  ♦  Office of the Commission for the Management of Road Traffic, Thailand
  ♦  Padeco Co. Ltd., Japan
  ♦  Parish of Calcasieu, Louisiana
  ♦  Precision Systems, Inc., Washington, D.C.
  ♦  System Planning Corporation, Virginia
  ♦  University of Central Florida, Florida
  ♦  University of Maryland, Maryland
  ♦  Virginia State Department of Transportation, Virginia
  ♦  Wilbur Smith Associates, Inc., Washington, DC

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