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What Makes AIMS Unique:

3-Dimension Plot                          
AIMS displays accidents on GIS map with our patented 3-dimensional stacked symbol plot. It plots accidents on GIS map with symbols corresponding to the locations where the accidents occurred. It plots mid-block accidents according to distances or mileposts. If a location has two or more accidents, it stacks the symbols on top of each other, creating a 3-dimensional view. Locations with a higher stack of symbols mean more accidents.   

No Change In Your Data                          
We customize AIMS to use and interpret your existing data. You rarely need to change your data structure, format or coding definition. Customizing AIMS to use and interpret your existing data are included in the price. After customization, you will be able to add new data and update/modify/delete data. 

You Don't Have To Know GIS To Use AIMS                          
AIMS is a complete software with friendly user-interfaces. It is designed for people to use it without GIS knowledge. You get what you want by click-and-pick operations. You learn how to plot accidents on map and how to create collision diagrams in a few minutes.

You Don't Need Other Software To Run AIMS                          
All AIMS needs is Windows(R) and a GIS map of your jurisdiction. We customize AIMS to use your existing GIS map. This customization is included in the price. (If your agency does not have a GIS map, you can buy one or download a free one from the internet*. Having the GIS Map, we will then customize AIMS to use it. This customization is included in the price.) 

Multiple GIS Platforms
AIMS interfaces with ESRI's ArcGIS 9X and MapInfo's MapInfo Professional 7X and 8X. It can use data and map from ArcGIS(R), AutoCAD(R), GeoMedia(R), MapInfo(R), TIGER(R), etc..

Powerful Accident Data Management and Analysis Tool                          
AIMS produces many standard reports to meet your day to day needs. It generates almost unlimited number of reports and statistics, through its powerful query & re-query capabilities, to satisfy your special needs.

Papers Related To The Applications of AIMS:

        Thommana, J.V. "Traffic Accident Data Analysis Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Based Software." ITE Journal On The Web, September 2006, pages 75 to 78.

        Kamiya, S., P.M. Hoang and P.S. Lin. "Application of GIS For Crash Data Management In Sarasota County, Florida." Paper presented at the 74th Annual Meeting of Institute of Transportation Engineers, Orlando, Florida, August, 2004.

*The price of a GIS map for a county (in USA) is a few hundred dollars. You may download a free TIGER(R) file as the GIS map of your jurisdiction. It is available from U.S. Census Bureau or ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.). 


AIMS Options/Modules:                         

We organize AIMS into different modules. Each module has different features. The AIMS Main Module (Item# A-01) is the heart of the system. You have to order it in order to use other modules. (One exception: You may order the Collision Diagram  Non-GIS Module (Item# B-01) as software by itself, without ordering the Main Module.)

Click a module below to see more details:  

        Main Module (A-01)

        Collision Diagram Module (A-02)

        Accident Rate Module (A-03)

        Traffic Volume Module (A-04)

        Data Entry Module (A-05)

        GPS Module (A-07)

        Aerial Photograph Module (A-08)

       Network Module (A-09)

        Database Connection Module (A-10)

        Accident Report Image Module (A-11)

        Collision Diagrams On GIS Map Module (A-12)

        Collision Diagram Record Display Module (A-13)

        Code-To-English Conversion Module (A-14)

        ArcGIS Interface Module (A-15)

        MapInfo Interface Module (A-16)

        Collision Diagram Roadway Layout Module (A-17)

        Google Earth® Interface Module (A-18)

        Collision Diagram Non-GIS Module (B-01)

        Upgrade Module For 2004 and Earlier User (B-02)  

        Summary Description of Main Module (A-01), text only

        Summary Descriptions of All Modules, text only        


 Computer Requirements:

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